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NAIIZ HAIR was founded in 2010 by Nodjinaissem, a French-Chadian-American who is a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years in the hair and beauty industry.  With her roots in Fashion and Jewelry design, Nodjinaissem brings a unique artistic master plan to allow your gorgeous inner self to shine through. NAIIZ was derived from A Chadian Name "NAI" in NODJI-NAI-SSEM meaning "The Grace Lives In Me."

 Nodjinaissem began the NAIIZ hair journey by catering to women battling lupus and other forms of hair loss, including alopecia. By providing natural looking wigs and hair pieces, Nodjinaissem boosted her clients self esteem and created a company which would do the same for women around the world.

NAIIZ HAIR provides top-notch grades of hair with a quality you can notice above and beyond its competitors. Our purpose is to empower women by letting their NAIIZ hair flow and embrace their own incredible attributes.
We believe that women should feel like royalty and be ready to shine at all times.
We take pride in pampering you and and treating you all like royalty through our hair and excellent customer service.

With every  NAIIZ HAIR ownership comes a "Beautiful" surprise!!🛍