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NAIIZ HAIR was founded in 2010 by Nodjinaissem, a licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years in the hair and beauty industry.

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100% Top Notch Quality and Luxurious Hair Guarantee.

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100% Raw Human Hair


We are a company that encourages a woman to be confident and a leader in life.

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Exotic European Salt Straight
Exotic European Salt Bodywave
Exotic Russian Ombre Body Platinum Blonde
Exotic Russian Body Platinum Blonde
Exotic Mink Yaki
Exotic Mink Yaki Mane

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Diamond Mink Straight
Diamond Mink LW
Diamond Mink BW

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Platinum Mink BW
Platinum Mink Straight
Platinum Mink Italian W


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Thank You for my Gorgeous "DIAMOND MINK BODYWAVE BUNDLES"!!! They arrived just in time for me to get my install and take my graduation pictures!!! I LOVE MY NAIIZ HAIR!!!! Thank You NAIIZ HAIR!!!

Tecia Aubrey

College student

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Shay Johnson

Beauty Bar

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Willa Brown

Clothing Store

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Zoe Noire

Smoothie Bar


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Our purpose is to empower women by letting their NAIIZ hair flow and embrace their own incredible attributes.

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